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The data on your network may be as sensitive as a butterfly. It requires complete and robust protection.

About Us

Protected Networks specializes in security projects as related to the Internet and Intranet environments up to and including enterprise and carrier-class solutions.

While specializing in electronic mail systems, the goals toward which these systems are built are equally relevant and apply to other tasks. The data stored within and passing through each computing system in your infrastructure are assets in which significant resources are expended to acquire and sustain. Good security practice minimizes the risks to these assets.

It is important to recognize that, just as it is difficult to see your own spelling mistakes, it is imperative an independent entity be available to propose, verify and validate policies and procedures without, as far as possible, a vested interest in your core business. As applied to security, Protected Networks aims to be that trusted advisor.

Mission Statement

Protected Networks executes current best practices in consulting, design and implementation services in information technology security to support privacy, business continuity and disaster recovery through defense in depth and breadth.

Underlying Principles
Security is a continuously evolving process.
  • The environment in which your business operates changes from day to day.
  • The environment within your business also changes.

You need to respond to change, whether you are in control of it or not, in the most appropriate manner. That may, however, mean making the decision to do nothing so long as that choice is an informed and conscious one.

It is on the idea of documented and diligently followed process that SAS-70 certifications are performed.

There are four basic items any business should know about its operation.

Without full knowledge of these elements, you aren't running your business - someone else is!

  1. What changed?
  2. When did it change?
  3. Who changed it?
  4. Why was it changed?

Everything about your business, not just the information technology component, depends on your knowledge of these. Planning for the future, whether it is project-oriented or corporate policy-making, cannot bear any relationship to reality without them.

It is on these concepts of accountability that ISO-9000 certifications (and several others) are based.


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